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Uh, this is my art stuff blog. .... I reblog art. and tutorial stuff... and put my drawings here... ^^; sometimes.
I draw a lot of BBC Sherlock/X-Men lately. But I also will occasionally slip into my other fandoms such as Homestuck, Hetalia, Doctor Who, Supernatural, NBC Hannibal, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts and MLP.
And yes. I ship Johnlock and various other pairings.

Current obsession: Cherik

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ugh I’d do more doodles and stuff but whenever I get back my hips ache like crazy and I can’t even lie down without pain- sorry guys..

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Do you know what I find myself telling almost every artist I critique? →



Take a risk, make a leap. Even if you have all of the technical skills you could ever need, there’s always something that you’re shying away from.

Take that thing on! Consider it an artistic adventure. Your comfort zone might be a cozy little one room cottage or a…

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This promotion ends Friday, August 1st, 2014.

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jawnwatsen got a new dog AND SHE’S PRECIOUS. and since I’m unable to have dogs in my life I replace the hole in my heart by drawing tons of them.

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To show I’ve actually been working on stuff other than new zeawi, here are some dog doodles I did today. sorry for the phone quality.

To show I’ve actually been working on stuff other than new zeawi, here are some dog doodles I did today. sorry for the phone quality.

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http://midoromi.tumblr.com/post/89582471799/otp-challenge-01-holding-hands-02-cuddling →


OTP Challenge.

01 - Holding hands
02 - Cuddling somewhere
03 - Gaming/watching a movie
04 - On a date
05 - Kissing
06 - Wearing eachothers’ clothes
07 - Cosplaying
08 - Shopping
09 - Hanging out with friends
10 - With animal ears
11 - Wearing kigurumis
12 - Making out
13 -…

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There’s a new zeawi tag, people are drawing him, I feel such pride and shame for my abomination

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OOC: This is for asknewzealand because the admin made a request for people to draw Zeawi, and I secretly really wanted to draw him anyway & I love that NZ blog, so here are some quick drawings. I hope you like them  ;u;

Zeawi is so freaking adorable. Austraemu layed an egg. And Amereagle just sorta happened. 

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